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Will Andy Reid coach the LA Chargers?

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Of the many NFL head coaches on the hot seat this season, San Diego's Norv Turner and Philadelphia's Andy Reid appear to be among the most doomed. Both franchises entered this season with high expectations which have mostly gone unmet.

While Turner would be unlikely to find a new job quickly, Reid would instantly become the hottest prospect for any squad searching for a skipper. And he's from Southern California.

Reid-to-the Chargers rumors are nothing new. There's been speculation that both he and Norv would lose their jobs simultaneously for a couple of years now - and the common assumption is that Reid would take over in SD.

Only it may not be SD. It might be LA. Chargers fans seem to all but conceded their team to the City of Angels - which is part of the reason that ticket sales have been flat. Folks are in no rush to spend good money supporting an organization that has one foot out the door. Over the past year, the Saint Louis Rams have been associated with LA less and less - and the Chargers more and more. The more the rumors fly, the less likely Chargers owner Dean Spanos is to keep his team in San Diego.

If the Chargers have made their minds up to move, hiring Reid in advance of their relocation would up the level of optimism surrounding them. That would make the Chargers more marketable and more appealing to thier shiny new fans.

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