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Our week nine NFL picks VS the spread with guest picker, @DSNAdam

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Our Annual NFL Pickoff VS the Spread rolls into week nine with a new leader, our Buddy Snyder.

With a record of 59-54-4 on the season, Snyder is the current king of the hill. But Reidy and Colin are hot on his heels and Scott Stafford is poised to make his move.

We reached out to the Mile HIgh Sports family for a guest picker again this week after Brandon Spano and Peter Burns turned in nice efforts in weeks seven and eight. Adam Kinney, Co-Host of Denver Sports Nation (weekends) joins us for week 9.

Our picks after the jump.

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Kansas City @ San Diego (-8)
It's Thursday night football at its worst as the worst team in the NFL hosts the worst team of all time in what is somehow a nationally televised game.  The number's big on this one - in favor of SD, but anything can happen when two craptastic teams face off.
Colin's pick: San Diego -8
Reidy's pick: Kansas City +8
Snyder's pick: San Diego -8
Scott's pick: San Diego -8
Adam's pick: Kansas City +8

Cincinnati VS Denver (-3.5)
The Broncos are on a roll, and can continue to create separation between themselves and other AFC contenders by simply doing what's expected and win on the road versus Andy Dalton and the Bengals.
Colin's pick: Denver -3.5
Reidy's pick: Denver -3.5
Snyder's pick: Denver -3.5
Scott's pick: Denver -3.5
Adam's pick: Denver -3.5

Arizona @ Green Bay (-11)
The Cardinals looked pathetic on Monday night versus the 'Niners and things don't get any easier for them this week at Lambeau. Green Bay is giving the week's biggest number. Too bad you used them in your survivor pool last week.
Colin's pick: Arizona +11
Reidy's pick: Green Bay -11
Snyder's pick: Green Bay -11
Scott's pick: Arizona +11
Adam's pick: Green Bay -11

Indianapolis VS Miami (-2.5)
Two rookie quarterbacks. Two interesting teams. This one should be fun. The Dolphins host the Colts in an AFC clash that could determine which team remains in the Wild Card race and which begins preparing for the draft.
Colin's Pick: Indianapolis + 2.5
Reidy's pick: Miami - 2.5
Snyder's pick: Miami - 2.5
Scott's pick: Indianapolis + 2.5
Adam's pick: Miami - 2.5

Cleveland VS Baltimore (-3.5)
It's new Browns VS old Browns. Art Modell may be dead, but it still means something - and these teams are not exactly pals. The Browns are still the Browns, but they've been better than most folks thought they would be. The Ravens, on the other hand, are worse.
Colin's pick: Cleveland +3.5
Reidy's pick: Valdemort -2.5
Snyder's pick: Cleveland +3.5
Scott's pick: Baltimore -2.5
Adam's pick: Baltimore -2.5

Buffalo @ Houston (-10)
The Texans are coming off their bye. But you knew that because Arian Foster didn't kill your fantasy team last week. They host the pathetic Bills in the game with the second most swollen spread of the week.
Colin's pick: Houston -10
Reidy's pick: Houston -10
Snyder's pick: Houston -10
Scott's pick: Houston -10
Adam's pick: Houston -10

Carolina @ Washington (-3)
It's old Cam versus new Cam. The kid who lit up the league in 2011 brings his Panthers into DC to face the kid who's getting it done in 2012, RGIII. Warren Moon should have a front-row seat to see these two QBs throw down.
Colin's pick: Washington -3
Reidy's pick: Carolina +3
Snyder's pick: Washington -3
Scott's pick: Washington -3
Adam's pick: Washington -3

Jacksonville VS Detroit (-3.5)
The Jags made a game of it last week when they played the Packers. Can they do it again against Detroit? Will Tim Tebow be Jaguar by then? Stay tuned.
Colin's pick: Detroit -3.5
Reidy's pick: Detroit -3.5
Snyder's pick: Detroit -3.5
Scott's pick: Detroit -3.5
Adam's pick: Detroit -3.5

Tennessee VS Chicago (-3.5)
The Titans suck balls, but their enigmatic running back is suddenly the hottest thing on two feet. Through the past 3 games Chris Johnson has over 500 rushing yards. Not  too shabby. Can he move the ball against the nasty Bears?  
Colin's pick: Chicago -3.5
Reidy's pick: Chicago -3.5
Snyder's pick: Chicago -3.5
Scott's pick: Chicago -3.5
Adam's pick: Chicago -3.5

Minnesota @ Seattle (-5)
The Seahawks has proven tough to beat at Qwest Field, so the Vikings will have their hands full this week. In fact, Seattle's secondary has already picked Christian Ponder off twice and the game isn't until Sunday.
Colin's pick: Seattle -5
Reidy's pick: Seattle -5
Snyder's pick: Seattle -5
Scott's pick: Seattle -5
Adam's pick: Minnesota +5

Tampa Bay @ Oakland (-1.5)
This game is actually interesting. Tampa and Oakland both still have a chance to make playoff appearances. Neither team is horrific. One will emerge from this game a little further behind the 8-ball, though.
Colin's pick: Tampa Bay + 1.5
Reidy's pick: Tampa Bay + 1.5
Snyder's pick: Tampa Bay + 1.5
Scott's pick: Tampa Bay + 1.5
Adam's pick: Tampa Bay + 1.5

Pittsburgh @ NY Giants (-3)
There are only two afternoon games on Sunday so it's a good thing this match up should be very watchable. The Steelers travel to the big, wet apple to lock horns with Eli Manning and the Giants, who look like they may be Super Bowl bound once again.
Colin's pick: NY Giants -3
Reidy's pick: NY Giants -3
Snyder's pick: NY Giants -3
Scott's pick: Pittsburgh +3
Adam's pick: NY Giants -3

Dallas @ Atlanta (-4)
The Cowboys had better get things figured out and fast, otherwise there's no telling what Jerry Jones will do. The entire organization would seem to be on the hot seat. Atlanta hasn't lost a single game and now they are at home and coming off a bye. Yeegad.
Colin's pick: Atlanta - 4
Reidy's pick: Atlanta - 4
Snyder's pick: Atlanta - 4
Scott's pick: Atlanta - 4
Adam's pick: Atlanta - 4

Philadelphia @ New Orleans (-3.5)
Michael Vick will be the Eagles starter when they visit the Big Easy to duel the softest defense south of Kansas City. If he screws this up, though, Andy Reid will throw him to the dogs.
Colin's pick: Philadelphia + 3.5
Reidy's pick: Philadelphia + 3.5
Snyder's pick: New Orleans -3.5
Scott's pick: New Orleans -3.5
Adam's pick: Philadelphia + 3.5

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