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Freaking out: it's what we do.

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There's the freak out. Then there's the freak out to the freak out. In this 140-character era, Denver sports fans are less patient than ever before and you know what? That's OK.

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Break up the Denver Nuggets. Fire George Karl. Let the Sixers have Ujiri. Ship Ty Lawson off to Houston. Don't let JaVale McGee embarrass us with minutes ever again. This team is lazy, flat, unmotivated, poorly coached, under-sized, lacking talent and going anywhere.

Until they beat the Lakers.

Then they're going to the Western Conference Finals.

Peyton Manning threw three interceptions to the Falcons in the first quarter! On National TV! His noodle arm combined with Mike McCoy's horrific play calling and their complete ineptness at the linebacker position spelled certain doom for the 2012 Broncos, who were clearly second fiddle to the Chargers in the AFC West.  The Broncos were, as Jason Whitlock put it, "toast".

Now they're Super Bowl bound, BABY!

We over react. That's what sports fans do. When we aren't freaking out about our teams we are freaking out about the idiots who are freaking out about our teams. Commentary, not analysis rules the day in this 140-character universe we live in. And that's OK.

After all, we're all just fans. Beat writers, radio personalities, bloggers and TV talking heads - if we're not out there on that court, we're just observing. Not one of us can affect the game. Our role is only to discuss it.

Sports is entertainment. These are our stories. We will react to performances as we react to the performances of actors on a stage - with applause, with boos, with gasps and with laughter. And, with access to devices designed for immediate social discourse, we're afforded the opportunity to be loud, irrational, reactive and asinine. And that's OK.

It's also OK when we change our minds - when we ride on the bandwagon. We can stop on a dime, reverse course, re-affiliate ourselves and cheer as though we can't even recall those things we said before.

As the fortunes of our teams change, the dialogue changes. And that's OK.

The Denver Nuggets opened their season last night in Philadelphia and they looked bad. Off the court, in the social media universe, some fans are freaking out. Others are freaking out on them. The "freak out to the freak out", as we call it here. And that's OK.

Because this is all a diversion. It's something we do to take time out from the stresses of real life. It's our right and our privilege to ride sports like a roller coaster, to throw our hands in the air and scream like it matters when it we know it really doesn't. Whether the Nuggets are a 3-seed or a 4-seed in the Western Conference won't matter to your mortgage company. If the Broncos get a playoff bye it won't improve your mother's arrhythmic heart. Another Rockies World Series trip probably won't help the manufacturing company your brother works for avoid making layoffs.

Let us have our fun. Try not to be critical of people's overreactions - or the overreactions of others to their overreactions. It's all part of the game - and all part of being a fan.







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