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Join the #KeepNorv movement today!

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Don't look now, but the San Diego Chargers may be about to so something that those of us residing in Broncos Country do not want to see happen. They might be thinking about firing Norv Turner.

There's a groundswell in SD and it's not an another earth-quake.

Chargers fans (there are a few) are angry. Their team just went into Cleveland and get beaten 7-6 after surrendering a 24-point advantage to the Broncos two weeks before.

There's AND I even found a Fire Norv Facebook page. It has over 1,500 "likes"!

Local sports writers are damning him and even the National guys are weighing in. This is reaching critical mass, people. Something must be done.

The Chargers manage to somehow fumble away their best players and their best opportunities with a consistancy we have come to count on. Without Norv Turner in San Diego, who knows what might happen?

It's up to us to save him now, Broncos fans. The powder blue people can't be counted on to keep Norv Turner around. We need the ownership of the Chargers to know that there is fan support for giving him another chance.

That's why we at the South Stands are promoting the #KeepNorv hashtag movement. We're just doing our part. Join us, won't you?

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