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Fantasy Falderal (tm): I never should have traded Peyton

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I am preparing to fire myself as the manager of my own fantasy team. there are eighteen reasons I should consider myself inept.

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I have a confession to make. I traded Peyton Manning in John Reidy's league, the Denver City Football Club.

On the heels of two straight 300 + yard passing games, each of which yielded three Manning TD's, I made what I thought was a sharp move.

My roster was stacked at QB. In addition to Peyton I had RGIII. Each week one or another stud was riding pine on my team, so I made it known that one or the other was available.

My buddy, Snyder, who was growing weary of Matthew Stafford, smelled blood in the water. Like a shark he kept circling. He bugged me via e-mail, he bugged me via the league message board, he Tweeted me and DM'ed me. Snyder knew what I apparently didn't - that Manning was about to become the number one player in fantasy.

In hindsight, Snyder was absolutely right.

He made me an offer I could hardly refuse: Stafford, Megatron and waiver wire darling Rashaad Jennings (who replaced MJD in Jacksonville) for Peyton, LaRod Stephens-Howling and Malcom Floyd. 
I jumped at it.

The trade put two week eight starters on my roster. I could still play RGIII, and all I was really giving up was the decision whether or not to start Manning.

But then he went off again. Three hundred more yards, three more touchdowns. Twenty-six fantasy points for Snyder. Robert Griffith? He scored 8 for me. Megatron? 5 points. Rashaad Jennings? 8 points.

Had Manning been in my lineup, I would have easily beaten my opponent this week, Lindsay Jones, who had an empty roster spot this week because of brutal bye-week problems. She had Eric Decker, though, who's two TD's were also Peyton's TD's.

I screwed up.

I never should have traded Peyton Manning. The Broncos are going to throw, throw, throw, and Manning is only getting better from one week to the next. Robert Griffin is no Peyton Manning.

I will fall to 2-6 after my loss to Jones this week. I'm toast.

Snyder made his team a whole lot better. Meanwhile I now face the choice of starting RGIII or giving the nod to Stafford, who would have won my game for me this week if I hadn't let HIM ride the pine.

I suck at fantasy football.

Thanks for listening to my tale of woe.

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