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Who is Brian "Scoop" Nemeth?

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Regular vistors to the South Stands are familiar with Brian "Scoop" Nemeth from the work he does on the Sports Minute videos. Brian submitted his ninth episode yesterday.

Some people have asked us: "Who is Brian "Scoop" Nemeth?" 

Well, he is a friend; and one of the most courageous people we know.

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Brian "Scoop" Nemeth has known since the third grade that he wanted to be a television news anchor.

A local news crew visited Scoop's class room that year. He was exposed to their profession and their equipment for the very first time. They put Brian on camera and he fell instantly in love.

Scoop dedicated himself entirely to the goal of one day sitting behind a network news desk. As a young child growing up in Colorado Springs, Brian built a mock anchor desk in his bedroom, fashioned a "camera" out of cardboard, and delivered the evening news to an imaginary audience nightly.

He idolized the great anchors; Cronkite, Brokaw, Rather, Jennings, and studied their every movement, every mannerism. He practiced delivering the days headlines as though he were them. Brian committed every network's news lead-in music to memory. His first crush was on Maria Shriver - then Amy Sporer - then Beverly Weaver. 

As a child, Brian Nemeth lived nearly every moment as "Scoop", preparing rigorously for his future in television. As a teen he and his dream marched on.

At Palmer High School, Brian read the latest headlines from the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph over the school's PA system as part of the daily announcements. His community based education (CBE) class visited the studios of KRDO Channel 13 and he was given an insider's view of his dream job for the very first time.

After he graduated from Palmer, Nemeth went on to Pike Peak Community College where he studied journalism. He graduated with an Associate of Arts degree. Then Brian made the move to Denver.

Unlike most of us, Scoop has never wavered. His goals are  the same today as there were in the third grade.Now in his thirties, Scoop continues to study and to dedicate nearly all his time to mastering a television studio. He's currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Metro State College of Denver and is an Independent Producer at the Colorado Open Media Foundation, a non-profit media company with two public access TV channels.

It's at Colorado Open Media where Scoop produces the Sports Minute episodes for South Stands Denver.

His current crushes are Lauren Gardner of CBS Sports and Kathy Sabine, who Brian refers to as "weather cougar".

Brian "Scoop" Nemeth is autistic. He also suffers from schizophrenia and aspergers syndrome. He is relentlessly courageous.

Sometimes Scoop feels like giving up. The combined effects of his maladies pull his brain in many directions - and the places it goes are sometimes dark. There's an unbreakable spirit inside Scoop, though, and an inbred refusal to accept defeat.

A group of film students has been working on a Scoop Nemeth documentary for a couple of years. In the introduction they ask: "What if someone told you you would never accomplish your dream?" Many people have told Scoop that. Many. But Scoop's faith is woven into the very fiber of his being.

To know Brian "Scoop" Nemeth is to share his dream. His greatest gift to the world is the example he sets by grinding, day after day, coping with his challenges and remaining absolutely convinced that they will never define him.

That's why Scoop Nemeth is my valued friend.



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