Tuesday, 23 October 2012 22:58

South Stand Denver Fancast, Show 123

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It’s good thing our guest cancelled because we get raw right off the bat with John’s issue with Mile High Sports Peter Burns. Colin tries to smooth it over but it doesn’t work. Venting commences and we come back to it several time throughout the show. Get the time stamp people, it’s just that weak out there.

We talk about Colin moderating the Google Hangout with Andre Iguodala and how it feels to be a media whore. We discuss the podcast we did at Boones Tavern because we kind of forgot we did it. Colin didn’t like it but we decide it was a great documentation of the fantastic Broncos win. And yelling.

We didn’t realize Cam Newton was black. Then we show our blackness by rocking out with some Public Enemy. A Raider or Juggalo and a Tweep of the Week. We close it out with some political talk. No, nothing about the candidates, but we talk why you should vote for weed. A cathartic and revelatory show. 

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