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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 00:14

South Stand Denver Fancast, Show 122

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Well, you saw the game, now relive it through the ears of some drunken podcasters. We pretty much signed off on the Broncos season at one point only to document the greatest comeback in Broncos history by way of the podcast. Stick with us, we have a drunken girl grab the mic as well as a twitter follower who just happened to be at Boone's where we recorded probably the greatest documentation of a Broncos victory ever dedicated to hard drive space. It’s one for the ages.

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    Welcome back to FantasyVille! Unpack your bags, stay awhile and talk some fantasy football with your hosts Colin Daniels and John Reidy. The fellas explain the layoff, talk controversial trades and whiny players who can't fathom the rules that are accessible and easy to read. Then there's a nice chunk dedicated to Daily Fantasy and a long time denier of "Daily is Gambling" finally gives up the onion skin charade. We talk about this week's games including the awesome slate of Thanksgiving matchups. And with that, enjoy the show and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Created on 2014-11-26 05:39:31
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    We spend a nice quiet night with the Honey Bear aka Zach Fogg (@zachfoggsports) of 104.3 The Fan and that quiet evening quickly turns into a shouting match about the Broncos. But first Colin goes off on his detractors and people who don't get his "humor." Then we spend a good portion dissecting the Broncos woes before going a little deeper than your average local show on the AVs. It's compelling, we promise. Then we wrap it up with a "Did they tweet it" and some other non sequiturs befitting a good clean (not language wise) show of this caliber.
    Created on 2014-11-19 05:13:07
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    A great honor to have both the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman, and Grantland's Jonah Keri on the show tonight. We cover a lot of ground and immediately hit on the Rockies since we have some baseball experts in the house. We serenade Jonah, then we talk about local sports radio and blowhards. This pod goes all over the place, Too Many Cooks, John pussyfoots around Jonah's interactions with Ringolsby, but Jonah sets the record straight. And then some good Ringolsby/selfie info is released. Hochman the nickname creator is discussed, #WINS is explained, an epic TV quiz and a whole lot of interesting stuff is yapped about in under 2 hours. Dig it. Such a treat, you guys. We hope you enjoy it.
    Created on 2014-11-13 07:13:23
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    This is the Broncos show you've been waiting for as our Broncos "outsider" Snyder (@madgamecc69) visits the bunker for a hard core Broncos thrashing. But first we talk Colorado politics and how the recent election resembles sports fans and their support of particular teams. We talk the Chicago Cubs and why the Rockies couldn't even get into the running for Joe Maddon. Julie Browman is brought up. Then we delve into the Artie Lange controversy and how different mediums for controversial material work better than others. Like talking about incest on local radio shows. Colin calls out a fantasy douche bag but please buy Rich Kurtzman's book, Chasing Lombardi, where fine books are sold. Then we hit a good vein of Broncos talk before talking a little AVs. We then get back into predictions for the rest of the Broncos season and slag off the coaches even more. Tweep of the week and huge missed opportunity at a Raider or Juggalo.
    Created on 2014-11-06 05:21:47
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    It's one of those intimate shows with just Colin and John and we go deep into life, sports, homelessness and just about everything else. Take the journey with us will you? We spend the whole first segment talking local sports media, radio, and print. Did we talk about you? Probably. And John admits something about his sports talk radio consumption. It's heavy. Then we spend the whole second quarter talking about genitals and the Rockies. One is stinkier than the other. Then we spend the whole third quarter talking about the homeless. Hobo costumes are broached. But then we get back to it and hit some heavy duty Broncos and preview the Pats game and why a loss won't be the worst thing. We touch on a some fantasy implications with our FantasyVille preview. We play "Did They Tweet It?" and John does well and not because he's the only player. Plus we talk about the great Jash McDoognals and his wonderful contributions to #BroncoNation. #SoicherNation
    Created on 2014-10-30 04:21:39
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    The tradition continues as we do a live to tape podcast while the Broncos play the Chargers on a Thursday night. Legends have been created with these podcasts and while this show is chock full of hilarious anecdotes about Rob Halford, the game was generally boring so there weren't many screaming moments to capture. Still, with special guest Renaud Notaro (@Renknowitall), there were PLENTY of laughs. Too numerous to mention, you'll just have to listen and you will because none other than Denver media super star Krissi Bex (@krissibex) bestows her prescence upon us for a good 20-30 minutes. It's the Chargers show. Anything can happen and you will be disgusted at least.
    Created on 2014-10-24 04:51:20
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    Colin is animated tonight and lets it fly with a new segment called "Reality visits FantasyVille." We talk the latest slew of trades we pulled off, the mental state of some traders and who to target. You may be the targeted. Colin talks daily and when "$3,000 insert" is mentioned, John Travolta is invoked. We run through some of the games and talk about YOUR San Diego Chargers. Good luck on Sunday.
    Created on 2014-10-19 04:59:44
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    You thought we'd fall off? The joke's on you jack! Another fancast! And this time we only giggle about trunk butt. We talk Broncos, John Fox and why in the hell do the Broncos have to be "America's Team." We get in a little Avs talk, and some Nuggets but mainly we talk about the clown car Javale goes to practice in. Then it's Rockies talk because all of this great postseason baseball has made John bitter. Then we envision a world where Dick Monfort's drunken lout son takes the team over. We finish up with some foreign policy discussion, Saddam Hussein and ebola. Then we talk the Broncos/49ers game and give you a quick trip the FantasyVille with a preview of the Thursday night clash between the Patriots and the Jets. Go back to the cave you crawled out of Colin Kaepernick!
    Created on 2014-10-16 05:32:27
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    A triumphant return? You bet your sweet ass it is. A new era dawns as we broadcast from the all-new Sportique Studios. And this one is a doozy. We talk Rockies, Broncos, trunk butt and the ever present theme of people stealing our gags. Then we hold the "Trial of Adrian Dater" and pass judgment on the Denver Post scribe and his recent transgressions. We talk a lil' hockey and we fit in a Raider or Juggalo for old time's sake. It's back people and it's better than ever. You won't hear this on local sports radio (except for the stolen bits).
    Created on 2014-10-09 06:07:28
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    You've arrived in FantasyVille. Sanctuary for all, community for all. Those who arrive, survive in FantasyVille. We're really hitting our stride as we offer up one of our best yet. We cover the Thursday night game, bitter fantasy players and we talk the latest round of trades. Colin discusses his true love, Daily Fantasy and we go off on a tanget discussing a certain morning show's sudden affinity for bath house humor. Toot toot.
    Created on 2014-10-03 07:00:11
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