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Bitter Rox PR department makes childish PR gaffe out of spite

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Because they have their purple panties in a bunch over criticisms, the Colorado Rockies snubbed charitable efforts on the part of Mile High Sports. Now Jay Alves and the Rockies PR staff looks really, really bad.

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Among Denver's media outlets, Mile High Sports, particularly its radio operation, has been the most openly critical of the Colorado Rockies organization in 2012. They've relentlessly picked on the Monforts as well as Dan O'Dowd, panned the pitching rotation and gleefully counted down the teams losses on the "road to 100".

Morning host, Peter Burns, has basically made a game of seeing if Rockies brass will rise to his bait. Burns' relationship with the team is far beyond strained. He's persona non grata as far as Jay Alves, Colorado's fuhrer of public relations is concerned.

For Burns to have been ostracized by the Rockies is somewhat understandable - especially to those who tune in his show. But for the Rockies to have snubbed him in the fashion Burns revealed today is inexcusable.

The Rockies are promoting Michael Cuddyer as their nominee for Major League Baseball's Roberto Clemente Award, which is basically given to the player who has done the most to give back to his community. The winner has $100,000 donated to the charity of his choice in his name.
Cuddyer's charity of choice if he were to win is A Precious Child, a Broomfield-based organization who's stated purpose is: "Ensuring that children are properly clothed and have the necessary supplies to participate in school".

A Precious Child works closely with the Jessica Redfield Foundation, which Burns helped establish in the wake of the Aurora massacre.

Peter Burns naturally wants to do whatever he can to make sure Cuddyer has the best possible chance of winning the Clemente award so that the money the MLB donates can be awarded to the charity that's closest to his heart.

So Burns called the Rockies.

He asked if Cuddyer could come on his show, the Press Box (7-9am M-F AM1510 FM93.7),  to promote his candidacy.

The Rockies said no.

Alves and the PR hacks at Coors Field are so immature, bitter and spiteful that they are not even able to set their differences with Burns, and with Mile High Sports as an entity, aside in the interest of promoting Michael Cuddyer for the Roberto Clemente award - even if it means money for an important local charity.

It's important that fans let Alves and the Rockies know that this kind of behavior is intolerable. The Rockies simply cannot place spin-control higher on their list of priorities than the community.

This is a time of their season where the Rockies should be focused on getting fans excited about next season. Players should be accessible and available - even to Mile High Sports.

The media's job is to be critical. Has Peter Burns gone too far at times? Perhaps he has. Perhaps that's the reason he wrote this open letter to the Rockies today and published it at Mile High Sports new web site. That doesn't excuse the organization for choking off Burns' efforts to generate funds for A Precious Child.

Shame on you, Jay Alves. Shame on you, Rockies.

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