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Josh McDaniels traded away a couple of sad sacks.

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If it's wrong to derive joy from someone else's pain ... why does it feel so right?

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Jay Cutler: Seven sacks. Four interceptions. 126 yards passing. Passer Rating: 28.3. 

Brandon Marshall: Two receptions for 24 yards in garbage time.

These are statistics that are almost as sweet to this jaded Broncos fans as a Denver victory.

Former Broncos Cutler and Marshall weren't unwillingly traded away - they both forced their way out of town and mooned the Denver fans as they left. 

Now they're reunited in Chicago after Marshall made a pit stop in Miami as a two-year Dolphin. With their performances versus the Colts in week one, Cutler and Marshall had cause to feel pretty good about themselves. Good enough, in fact, for Jay Cutler to talk a little smack to the Green Bay secondary through the media, telling them "Good Luck" covering Brandon Marshall and the Bears receivers.

The Packers didn't need any luck. They not only covered the Bears' skill players, they smothered them. They didn't just pressure Jay Cutler, either. They tore him to shreds. Clay Matthews was in Cutler's face on nearly every play - and standing over him after many.  As for Marshall, well, he was all but invisible - save for the easy touchdown catch he failed to make, which the broadcast crew at NFL Network replayed over and over and over again.

After the game, Cutler, with his hair gelled just so, sauntered to the podium, sucked on his teeth, rolled his eyes, and demonstrated the surly demeanor that the Denver media remembers all too well. Meanwhile, Twitter exploded with Broncos fans expressing their sheer joy at the fact that jerk is gone. Enjoy him, Chicago.

Maybe Josh McDaniels wasn't so crazy after all.

Yeah, McHoody was pursuing Matt Cassell - who he knew from his time in New England - and that guy hasn't exactly been a world-beater for KC. But, Josh knew that Cutler wasn't going to get the Broncos to the Promised Land. McDaniels wanted to build the Broncos into a winner and something about Cutler bugged him. When he traded Cutler to the Bears people were shocked. Cutler had, after all, been to the Pro Bowl. But thank goodness he did. If John Elway had taken before #6 was ejected, we would still be cheering for the NFL's biggest jackass. We would still be seeing our quarterback blast his lineman and chew out his receivers, blaming his failures on everyone else and never taking stock of his own deficiencies.

McDaniels also got rid of Brandon Marshall, which was more controversial at the time than ever the Cutler deal. It was assumed that the Broncos could never replace the big, physical wide receiver. But they did. Demaryius Thomas is built in much the same mold - but lacks the baggage. Marshall is an emotional mess. His personality disorder(s) and psychological issues make him too high-maintenance to be bothered with. The Broncos knew it, the Dolphins knew it, and now the Bears are finding it out.

It's been fun to celebrate the players that ARE here: Peyton Manning, Eric Decker, Damaryius Thomas, Jacob Tamme, Champ Bailey, Tracy Porter, etc. But it's also gratifying to celebrate the cast-offs; especially when they play so poorly.  So, hey, thanks, Josh. Getting rid of those guys was a stroke of genius - almost like when the Broncos got rid of you.

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