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Hifalutin magazine editor blasts Denver's "cross-sport dressers"

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What's wrong with you, unwashed Denver Sports fans? Are you too cheap to buy the appropriate viewing apparel for all four major teams or are you just too lazy?

That's the question posed this morning by Natasha Gardner, a snooty senior editor at ever-uppish 5280 Magazine in her online "rant and rave" column. Referring to fans who wear Broncos gear to Nuggets games and so on, Gardner asks: "Are these cross-sport dressers saying they support Denver sports…but not so much that they want to support the team they’re watching? Do they need to do the laundry?"

Gardner, who lives in Denver now but isn't shy about being a well-travelled publisher with ties to New York, goes on to add that :

"It’s even worse to be sandwiched between that ardent fan and the guy you’re not sure can tell the difference between baseball and basketball based on his shirt choice."

Denver is, of course, home to four major sports teams and a collection of passionate fans who support them all. Those who regularly attend games see nothing unusual at all about the "cross-sport dressers". Team gear is expensive, for one thing. A Broncos fan who dropped $299 on a customized replica jersey may not have the scratch to hit Pepsi Center Trading Company for the latest Duchene sweater, too. But the Broncos only play eight home games per year; so an event at  "the Can" is a perfect opportunity to show off his threads. Even if the sport's not right.

The local teams support one another. If Champ Bailey can get a standing O at the Nuggets game, Todd Helton can watch the Broncos from a suite and Peyton Manning can root on the Rox, I can wear my Iguodala jersey to Sports Authority Field and not feel weird about it. 

Don't worry, Ms. Gardner, I will hit Smiley's and wash it first.

Now, why don't you get back to sampling "craft beers" with pinkie extended and I will plow into these chicken nachos and suck back my $8 Coors Light.






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