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Denver's Lauren Gardner is climbing the media ladder.

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Our favorite sideline reporter is finally getting the National exposure she so richly deserves.

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Lauren Gardner is wrestling with an odd mix of emotions lately.

On the one hand, her dear friend (and fellow redhead) Jessica Redfield was taken during the massacre in Aurora. On the other hand, she has landed a great new job.

Jessica would be proud of her, and we certainly are, too.

Lauren is going to work for the CBS Sports Network, covering College Football and possibly Basketball as well.

CBS Sports Network is the re-branded iteration of the CBS College Sports Network. It's focus remains primarily on College Sports, although it is also the home of the Jim Rome Show, Major League Lacrosse and the PBR Pro Rodeo tour. The Network is one of several with it's sights set directly on taking a chunk out of ESPN.

Lauren, a self-described "nerd", is looking forward to covering College games. Until recently she had been working for MTV Networks and reporting from the sidelines during Lingerie Football League games. She enjoyed that gig and convinced many people, myself included, to tune in. But, even though the players and coaches take Lingerie Football very seriously, few people outside of the sport do. As talented as Gardner is, the game always felt somewhat beneath her.

Her new opportunity clearly offers much upward mobility. And she deserves that.

Like most people in the television game, Gardner has hopped umpteen flights to unpteen cities in pursuit of her goals. A television career is an always-moving target. There's little security in television. every one works under a short term contract and stays prepared to move along to the next gig whenever and wherever it happens to be found.

Hopefully, Lauren has found a place to settle down for awhile.

CBS Sport Network, which is growing rapidly, will take on more sports as TV deals with other outlets expire. And Lauren will be there to work in studio and to walk the sidelines. Folks in Denver will remember her as the in-game entertainment girl at Coors Field and at Pepsi Center. She handled various promotions, trivia contests and fan interviews and appeared on the diamond vision screens.

Most of us first saw her when she was a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos. Since then Lauren has worked tirelessly to realize her TV dreams. She has taken time to be a mentor to aspiring broadcasters (like Jessica Redfield) along the way.

We're extremely happy for her - and grateful for allowing us to break the story of her new gig.


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