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Jessica Redfield lived life to the very fullest

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Shock and sadness.  Horror has seized our City, but Jessica Redfield was filled with joy.

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I never met Jessica Redfield, although I hoped I someday would.

She was beautiful. Full of life. A fiery, red-headed spitfire from Texas.

I followed Jessica on Twitter and on Instagram. I spied on her - watched her life in Colorado unfold. Jessica smiled a lot. She went places - lots of different places - and was always doing fun things - things like attending the midnight premier of the new Batman movie at the Aurora Town Center.

Jessica went to the beach. She was part of an enormous tomato fight. She gravitated toward goofiness. She was as fun a person as anyone could hope to be.

Ironically, She was at the Eaton Center in Toronto last month when a shooter opened fire. She live tweeted the event and wrote a lenghty blog post about what it had been like to be there.

I know that she was close to many people we know. She worked as an intern at Fox 31 (KDVR) and at 104.3 the Fan. Peter Burns at Mile High Sports was a close friend of Jessica's, as was Lauren Gardner, who recently moved to San Diego to pursue her own career in broadcasting. Jessica and Lauren liked going to Snooze together for breakfast.

I invited her to do South Stands Denver Fancast. She would have someday. Would have.

Jessica would have done a lot of things had she not been killed. 

Her death is so unspeakably tragic that nobody really knows what to say. Everybody is just trying to bend their minds around it now. It's as though nothing else matters. It's tough to focus on the things that we all have to get done in the wake of such a loss. Yet we go on. Without Jessica.

All of this has only begun to set in.

Our City, our State and our Country will struggle to understand it - but it's beyond our understanding.

I just hope that, whatever is in store for Jessica beyond this life is as fulfilling as the life she lived.


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